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Gorilaz CSGO team finished 2nd on a LAN event in Zagreb, Croatia this weekend. We are very happy for the guys and for the spot we managed to get. POLO T-Shirts ware made for gorilaz CS:GO team as well, thanks to We can only say good things are coming up for the CS:GO team as they continue to practice.

Recap of the tournament:

First game was against TeamOne. It was a smooth win for the gorilaz as they finished with a score of 16:6 on DustII. 

Second game was a qualifier for the finals. Gorilaz ware losing 11:4 on the CT side but on T side they didn't lose a single round and clutched the match at 16:11. They showed good communication and teamwork and they qualified to the finals.

Final match was a BO3 and Gorilaz lost on Mirage 16:10. The second map was a real fight as the match went to overtime on overpass. Gorilaz had a 15:14 lead but the opponents got the round and the match went to overtime. Firts MR6 was lost and Gorilaz ended the LAN on a second place.  

We learned a lot from the LAN event and we will try to improve our game as the time goes so we can get to the top.

Just wanna thank our guys: matey<3 ,basHYYEE, zubi, loky and yurkaas. Good game boys and best of luck in the future events. Good LAN event from Good Game Zagreb with nice prizes. 

Here is a little video when the guys got the spot for the finals.

Gorilaz LAN via Facebook







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